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School of Management

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Make a difference in an organization, institution, or company by developing knowledge about the factors that affect organizational behavior to strategically manage business resources and make assertive decisions that generate competitive advantages.

The Master of Business Administration will allow you to get the tools needed to lead organizations through technological innovation, high profitability, and the efficient administration of human capital.

We adapt to your study time

We develop programs with different schedules so you can graduate at your own pace.

Basic Program

18 months

What you will learn

Project Development

Establish a logical order of the necessary steps to be followed to effectively achieve goals to ensure a project’s success.

Global Business Vision

Develop the ability to have a 360-degree vision and interpret reality to bridge the gap with the rest of the organization, and, thus, achieve common goals.

Using Technology for Business

Optimize a company's operations by using technology to your advantage to reduce or eliminate redundancies, errors, and workflow delays, as well as speed up the automation of specific tasks.


Promote positive outcomes through your ability to identify a problem, take logical steps to find the desired solution, and monitor and evaluate the implementation of that solution.

Academic Validity

This academic equivalent to this master's program in the United States of America is a “Master of Business Administration earned through distance education" from an agency affiliated with NACES or AICE.

This curriculum is part of the National Education System of Mexico, dated July 8, 2016, with the Agreement No. 20160553, issued by the Directorate of Private Institutions of Higher Education, General Directorate of University Higher Education, of the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education.

Where you could work


Plan and manage the economy of an organization, ensuring its liquidity in a sustainable way.

Supply Chain

Facilitate project implementation related to the global functioning of the organization.

Strategic Planning

Plan and supervise administrative and managerial tasks that require decision-making related to the business.


Make tailor-made plans according to the learning needs of the human capital.

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